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"The Streamline Mission is to build a leading mortgage company that benefits our customers, employees, and communities."

Our "Why"

Is it possible to prioritize strengthening your company and your community at the same time?  At Streamline Home Loans, we're doing just that.  Our vision is to build a premier mortgage team that will Streamline rapid and creative expansion, resulting in a nationwide workforce with the ability to make an impact in the lives of others. We strive to make a difference not only with the customers we help get home, but in the communities we call home.  We do this by focusing on our core values: customer focus, a connected workforce, creative expansion, and community service.

Empowering Our Team

To empower our team, we must have clarity on roles and processes, provide the proper tools and automation, ask for feedback and then utilize it, adjust and improve where necessary, and always look to simplify. Our team members are who we are, so we must never stop pursuing success for them, and therefore for Streamline. 

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Serving Our Customers

We understand how complex and demanding the homebuying process can be.  Our loan process is true to our name...Streamlined and simple.  From the very first meeting, we encourage our team members to be thorough and detailed when assisting customers, to take as long as it takes, as many times as it takes, to make sure every client has the answers they need.  At the house-hunting stage, we have impactful preapproval programs that give our buyers an upper hand when submitting offers.  Once in contract, our loan process is driven by leading technology and constant communication.

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helping our community

Helping Our Community

At Streamline we feel inspired to give back to our community. It's an important part of our company's core values. We have worked to set up meaningful, ongoing partnerships with local food banks to donate a portion of every loan we close back into the community. Fighting to end hunger is a goal we're honored to play a part in.

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