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Together we can build more business

Limit 1 open house per agent, per week /  friday-sunday only

blackout areas apply  /  minimum 48 hours  notice required

first come, first is limited  


Combine our marketing with that of real estate agents to have a more active open house.


We will place up to 15 signs to drive more traffic to the open house! We want agents to focus on selling the home.


Streamline will have a presence at the open house to help you be more efficient in converting potential leads.


We will map out the steps to success for your open house, and assign people to the right roles.

About Point 2 House

Point 2 House narrows its partnerships to limited agents throughout the valley in order to avoid scheduling conflicts and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

"You can rest assured, once your sign placement has been confirmed, we'll be there."  

To learn more about Point 2 House, including, terms and conditions, click here.